Advantages of Molded Fiber

Molded fiber, which is completely environment-friendly products in terms of the raw material and production process, also offer end-users many benefits.


As a cellulose based packaging material, the main benefits of molded fiber products are as follows:

  • Produced by using 100% recyclable and compostable raw materials.
  • Easy to reprocess and use, thus resulting no environmental pollution.
  • Products are biodegradable. Once used, the products can be broken down into their base compounds and return to the nature.
  • Molded Fiber Products for industrial applications; these products can save up to 75% space comparing with foam products. Therefore, they reduce the transport and storage costs.
  • They do not require additional handling such as folding and allow you to save labour cost.
  • They offer reliable protection for your products during transportation and storage by preventing the products against damages caused by impacts, vibrations and shocks. They offer better protection compared to the EPS packaging products and have better grip, shock-absorbing and elasticity properties.
  • As paper based products, they can absorb moisture up to certain level, preventing sweating over the products in packaging.
  • They can absorb odors.
  • They offer higher tolerances in size and can be designed for many applications for protective packaging needs.
  • Easy opening, closing and storage comparing to any other packaging products made off PVC and foam.
  • No risk for static electricity.
  • Unlike packaging products made off PVC and foam, they do not deform due to high temperatures and their durability is not affected.