Quality Policy:

“In line with our motto ‘We are a family’, we meet the present and future expectations of all stakeholders.

We improve the system together with our innovative, competent, productive and effective staff in order to offer sustainable quality services that exceed expectations, carry out production operations and increase the corporate performance of our company.”

Environment, Health & Safety Policy:

“For a sustainable future, we are committed to follow higher environmental, health and safety standards exceeding the legal requirements as an indicator of our respect to the society and company stakeholders.

We measure and analyze all of our processes in terms of environmental, health and safety risks, take necessary preventive actions and strive to continuously improve our processes.

In order to eliminate the pollutive impacts of our operations, we dispose of the harmful waste at its source or recycle.

We utilize natural resources efficiently and follow, implement and develop the related new technologies.

In order to increase the life quality of the society and company stakeholders, we offer training and increase the awareness on the environment, health and safety related subjects and try to improve our processes during the planning and implementation phases with a preventive approach.

We work with the suppliers and contractors providing input which can meet the environmental, health and safety requirements. Together with suppliers and contractors, we try to improve ourselves and protect our mutual interests.”

 Dentas Romania waste reduction plan